Currency Of The Future EstxCoin

EstxCoin is non-monetary store of value that is processed via PoS Blockchain Algorithms.

What is EstxCoin

EstxCoin is an non-monetary cryptographic medium of economic exchange that is designed for market participants who wish to settle their financial claims via alternative means of payment. EstxCoin is non-monetary store of value that is processed via PoS Blockchain algorithms. EstxCoin is a disintermediated direct payment service with no middle-man payment service providers and is processed autonomously without middle-man payment system operators. EstxCoin provides for 24/365 multilateral real-time gross settlement of the payment claims between node and masternode participants in its distributed Blockchain ecosystem.

Specifications of EstxCoin

EstxCoin POS algorithm gives network stability and 51% network attacks protection.

ESTX Ticker
21000000 MaxSupply
120 Sec - Block Time
POS Algorithm
501 Confirmations for Mined Blocks
10 Confirmations for transactions
4 ESTX - Block Reward

EstxCoin Readiness of Utility

EstxCoin is a listed mineable utility coin. The coin becomes a medium of exchange and storage of value. The coin can be utilised in the 5 utility platforms.

Features of EstxCoin

Estxcoin is efficient and easy to use. Our teams are focused to bring advanced Blockchain technology to the Community and establish a stable and resilient Trustless network for Web 3.0 Infrastructure. EstxCoin is powered by a decentralized Trustless governance framework that provides for security, anonymity and fair mining.

All transactions via EstxCoin network are safe and secure. EstxCoin is processed in real time, 24/365. Settlements in EstxCoin are instant, final and irrevocable. EstxCoin network is powered by hundreds of Community nodes, located all over the world. The governance of EstxCoin is efficiently decentralized and distributed.

EstxCoin Resources & Wallets

EstxCoin is a revolutionary system that is quite complex with great features including exchange wallet trackers, inflation trackers.

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